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What a GREAT Time in LIFE! headshot 2

If you are like me, you are in that great time of your life where the kids are grown and on their own (well, almost!), you have more time for yourself, you are reconnecting with your spouse or partner, and BAM! Here comes menopause and all of the bothersome and disruptive symptoms that can come with it.

And, you do not want to consider taking medications or hormone replacement therapy. You are searching for natural ways to fight hot flashes, insomnia, night sweats, and weight gain. Right?

I GET IT SISTER! I am with you!!

Get Your Symptoms Under Control

My programs work from the inside out — what you put into your body affects everything about how you FEEL, both emotionally and physically. No amount of exercise can undo what unhealthy eating does to the human body, that comes with healthier food choices. When you feel better, you will make healthier decisions — and those decisions can restore joy, confidence, and balance in your life.

What We Can Do Together

You will not find a “quick fix” or a “diet” here at FNC. What I offer is change — how to change the eating habits that you may have had for your entire life.  A great deal of your symptoms can be controlled, and often eliminated, by changing what you eat (and more importantly sometimes, WHEN you eat). But change does not come quickly and easily — it takes your commitment to see results. I will be with you all along the way cheering you on!

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Join me on a journey to healthier decisions and feeling better because of it!

~ Doneane

Hippocrates: “Let thy food be thy medicine, and thy medicine be thy food”

Feel Better ~ Make Healthier Decisions™

DISCLAIMER: Doneane Beckcom is not a medical doctor. Fitness Nutrition Consulting (FNC) and Doneane Beckcom do not, and cannot, guarantee any outcome you may have from purchasing packages, classes, or eating plans. FNC and Doneane Beckcom do not, and cannot, guarantee that you will lose weight or be able to stop taking medications as a result of weight loss. FNC and Doneane Beckcom do not, and cannot, guarantee that you will be free of any disease or condition from which you currently suffer or may suffer from in the future. Results vary widely and are largely related to the effort the client puts into changing lifestyle and eating habits and cannot be guaranteed in any way.

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