Carb Cycle Plan

Are You Ready to learn new eating habits?

Ready to FEEL better?

Need to lose a little weight easily? WITHOUT DIETING?

Then read on . . .

If you are like me, you want to get to a better way of eating. A healthier way of eating. One that will last for a lifetime. With the bonus of losing a few pounds.


Did you know that changing just a few of the things you may be eating (or not eating) over the course of just a few weeks can lead to new habits AND weight loss?

Changing your eating habits could have a HUGE impact on your health!

I know this because I have BEEN there! My health was not so great about 20 years ago, and I decided to DO something about it. After a lot of research, trial and error, I found the perfect way to change my eating habits, change my health, and FEEL better.

AND . . . the BEST news is I was able to throw away all of the prescription meds I was taking!

Now, I am not saying this could also be true for you. But it COULD be. Everyone’s body is different, and you and your doctor need to decide what is best for you in that regard. But if that is one of your goals, this plan is for you!

So that is how  and why I came up with this plan just for YOU!

Testimonials from REAL Clients!

“I needed to lose about 20 pounds according to my doctor, to even begin to THINK about getting off of blood pressure medications. When my A1C was at the point that my doctor said I was pre-diabetic, and he wanted to add MORE meds to my daily routine, that is when I decided to take Doneane’s advice and try her Carb Cycle Plan. The shopping guide and meal plans were so easy to follow. Once I got the hang of it, I was hooked! I lost 10 pounds in the first 4 weeks and my A1C started to go down. My blood pressure is also better. I am not off of my meds yet, but that is my goal! Doneane is the go-to person for help with changing your eating habits and getting healthy, in my opinion!” Diana M.

“I have been looking for a solution to my weight gain and terrible eating habits for a long time. Doneane’s plan was easy to follow and I never was hungry. She said it was not a diet, and I believe her! It is just a healthier way of eating, and I am so thankful I followed her advice!” Roxanne R.

“My wife and I took a nutrition course with Doneane awhile back and she talked about the concept of carb cycling. I had heard of it, but thought it was too extreme for me. But I got on her plan, which was SO easy, and I lost a total of 65 pounds in about 9 months. My wife lost 30 pounds in the same time frame. That was 5 years ago, and I have kept it off because the plan also helped me change my eating habits for the rest of my life. I used to take blood pressure medication and was borderline Type 2 diabetic, but not anymore, thanks to Doneane’s plan.” Mark S.

This Plan is NOT a Diet!

This plan can change your eating habits for LIFE!

You will receive all of the following via email:

  • A written, printable, and electronic version of the plan to use as a guide, so that you can take it with you anywhere
  • Detailed daily meal plans and sample menus, so that you do not have to plan out ANYTHING as far as meals and snacks
  • Detailed shopping plans for each cycle, so that your grocery shopping can be done with ease

ALL of this great package is regularly priced at $197.00, but it can be yours for only $97.00 (a $100 savings!) for a limited time!

As an added value, you will receive these FREE bonuses, also via email (a $49 value):

  • Healthy Strategies for Eating Out eBook, to help you make good decisions when eating away from home
  • Kitchen Clean Out Guide, so that you can get rid of the “bad stuff” you should not eat
  • Healthy Shopping and Meal Prep Guide, to help you continue good habits long after your plan is accomplished

And the additional bonus of feeling better physically?


PLUS: you will also receive access to my PRIVATE Facebook group where you will receive daily information, motivation, encouragement, and see ALL of the great content I post each day!

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Do this for your HEALTH (and your sanity!)

Feel Better ~ Make Healthier Decisions™

 DISCLAIMER: Doneane Beckcom is not a medical doctor. Fitness Nutrition Consulting (FNC) and Doneane Beckcom do not, and cannot, guarantee any outcome you may have from purchasing packages, classes, or eating plans. FNC and Doneane Beckcom do not, and cannot, guarantee that you will lose weight or be able to stop taking medications as a result of weight loss. FNC and Doneane Beckcom do not, and cannot, guarantee that you will be free of any disease or condition from which you currently suffer or may suffer from in the future. Results vary widely and are largely related to the effort the client puts into changing lifestyle and eating habits and cannot be guaranteed in any way.