Gray Winter Day Blues . . .

Did you happen to catch my TV segment last Friday about how to beat the winter blues? If not, here is the quick run down.

The gray skies of winter can actually cause you to experience seasonal depression, due to lack of exposure to sunlight. Our brains need those “feel good” chemicals that are produced by adequate Vitamin D, which is made by our bodies after sun exposure.

If you have a few gray days and the accompanying gray mood, try adding a good dose of Vitamin D supplement and B Complex, both of which work to regulate mood. You can also add Turmeric to your cooking, or eat a few helpings of sweet potato, as these also contain compounds which help elevate mood. If you want to go all out, you can purchase a light therapy lamp, which tricks your eyes and your brain into thinking you have been out in the sunlight (don’t worry, it is not like a tanning bed and will not cause sunburn).

Now, if those gray days leave but your gray mood stays and lingers for more than just a few days, check with your doctor to be sure there is not something more serious going on that is causing your mood to swing in the wrong direction.

Come on summer . . . . I miss you already <3

~ Doneane