The Alkaline Eating Plan

Along with drinking alkaline water, switching to foods which are more alkaline forming than acid producing is also beneficial to your overall health.

Research shows that diseased cells prefer to live in an acid environment, and when the environment becomes more alkaline, those cells can no longer thrive. If you make your body more alkaline, your immune system will be stronger and your chances of becoming ill go down greatly.

Everything we eat and drink is either basic (alkaline), neutral, or acidic. Some foods that taste tart or sour are no necessarily acid forming, so some of the things on this comprehensive list may surprise you. Below is a link to one of the most exhaustive articles I have come across on alkaline and acidic foods:

Use this list as a guide to determine if your current eating plan is more acidic than it is alkaline, and try to make some changes. Your eating plan should be about 75% alkaline and only 25% acidic.

As always, if you are suffering from any type of chronic condition or take medications, please check with your doctor before making and changes to your eating plan.

~ Doneane