Indoor Plants to Clean the Air

If you are like me, you are concerned about the air quality in your home and office. And especially in the bedrooms of your home. Did you know that there are about 15 varieties of plants that can clean the air, and a few that can help you sleep?

Some very common house plants that really clean the toxins from the air and give a fresh burst of oxygen are the Snake Plant, Spider Plant, and English Ivy. These plants are known for their ability to “scrub” the air of impurities and give back in return clean oxygen. More oxygen in the air leads to better focus and concentration, and better sleep! So put a few of these plants in and around the house, office, and in the bedroom.

The aroma of some plants can also help lull you to sleep. Lavender and Jasmine are two popular plants whose sweet aroma can help you drift off to sleep and help you stay asleep. If you can find a potted lavender plant, place it in the windowsill of the bedroom so that it can get some filtered light during the day, and then move it close to the bedside at night. A few sprigs cut from a jasmine plant can be placed in a vase of water next to the bed, so that the aroma will fill the room.

For a listing of other plants that help keep your environment clean, check out this article:

For a quick video which shows the plants of which I spoke in this blog, click here for my YouTube channel:

Most of the plants I mention are widely available, and are not necessarily seasonal. Check with your local nurseries to get the freshest varieties.

~ Doneane