What Snacks Does a Nutritionist Eat?

As a nutritionist I am always asked questions about what I eat. People stop me at the grocery store to see what is in my basket, ask me in restaurants what I have ordered, and most often ask me what snacks I eat during the day.

Healthy snacking is VERY important to a good eating plan, because it is important to stay fueled all day long. And the way to do that is to have healthy snacks in between the larger meals of the day. Those snacks need to be nutritious, filling, and satisfying so that when the next meal comes, you are not famished to the point of over eating or eating the wrong things.

Planning ahead is also key to healthy snacking. Along with your healthy meals for the day, you also need to prepare snacks. When you do your meal prepping for the week, be sure that you also include these in your plan so that you do not go hungry between meals and have to resort to the vending machine or whatever non-healthy snack or dessert item a co-worker may have brought to share with the office!

It is a good idea to have some non perishable snacks with you at all times (things like nuts, protein bars, granola, or fruit). These snacks should fit easily into a small Ziploc bag, and into a purse, briefcase, backpack, or in the drawer at your desk at work. You can also keep some in the car, in case you are traveling or stuck in traffic and need a quick snack. Other snacks which require refrigeration are also great, just be sure that they stay at a constant temperature all day either in a fridge or lunch bag with an ice pack (cheese, boiled eggs, yogurt and cottage cheese are great examples).

For a short video on some of MY favorite snack items, click here: https://youtu.be/On_XeVG2K2U

Just remember, snacking is a GOOD thing, so long as you are prepared and your snacks are healthy (and not just tasty!).

~ Doneane