About Me

If it has to do with natural ways to combat menopausal symptoms so that you will start feeling better, I can help!

So let’s figure out why you are here . . .

I am here because:

  • I am suffering from hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, and other hormonal symptoms
  • Some or all of my symptoms are disrupting my life
  • I gained weight and cannot lose it all, and I need motivation to do it
  • I do not feel good about myself because of my symptoms
  • I want to learn how to eat healthy, and I do not know where to start
  • I want a natural way to combat my symptoms, without medications or hormone replacement therapy
  • I want to feel better about myself

If any or all of the above apply, you are in the right place!

I am Doneane Beckcom, a Certified Nutritionist, Health and Wellness Coach, and Speaker. I have been in the health and wellness industry for nearly 30 years.  I customize programs especially for you, your symptoms, and your body type, and I will be there for you every step of the way.

It is my goal to help you learn healthy eating habits and feel better physically, and get your symptoms under control. When you feel good about yourself, you make better choices in both your personal and professional life. I could talk about eating habits and their impact on health and emotional issues all day, every day. I have invested thousands of dollars on nutrition and fitness training to learn as much as I can to help people just like you. When you work with me, your success is my goal!

Listen to this amazing radio interview with Ralph Brogden of Business Innovators Radio, to learn more about my services:

I have an amazing husband (who is my biggest cheerleader!) and two grown children whom I adore and that make me proud every day. My passion for good health and my love for helping others led me to launch FNC in 2009. I have been at the place of feeling bad, dealing with bothersome hormonal symptoms, and making poor life choices, and not knowing where to start to make change. Making better health decisions brought my life back into alignment, and allowed me to experience freedom, joy, and confidence again. I want to help you experience those same things!

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What We Can Do Together . . .

I wasn’t always so passionate about healthy eating. It was when my own health was not so good and I was on a ton of medications that did not work, that I took action. That was over 15 years ago, and today I feel better than I ever have, I take NO medications, and all because I took control and changed my eating habits. In the past few years, when menopause crept into my life, I was fortunate to already have the skills to be able to adjust my nutrition plan again to alleviate my symptoms naturally, without any type of HRT or other medications.  I can teach you how to do this also!

And while I am a big fan of “instant gratification” and the “quick fix,” changing habits takes times and dedication. My approach is all about YOU! Your health is important to you, and also to me.

Are you ready for the journey?

Health and Happiness,

~ Doneane

Client Testimonial

“I am so happy to report that after 8 of weeks following Doneane’s plan, I have lost 16 pounds and my hot flashes and night sweats are no longer a daily occurrence! Thank you, Doneane, for showing me that there really is hope for natural alternatives for my symptoms! Linda M.”

Feel Better ~ Make Healthier Decisions™

DISCLAIMER: Doneane Beckcom is not a medical doctor. Fitness Nutrition Consulting (FNC) and Doneane Beckcom do not, and cannot, guarantee any outcome you may have from purchasing packages, classes, or eating plans. FNC and Doneane Beckcom do not, and cannot, guarantee that you will lose weight or be able to stop taking medications as a result of weight loss. FNC and Doneane Beckcom do not, and cannot, guarantee that you will be free of any disease or condition from which you currently suffer or may suffer from in the future. Results vary widely and are largely related to the effort the client puts into changing lifestyle and eating habits and cannot be guaranteed in any way.

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