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5 Day Green Tea Detox

Need a reset after a weekend splurge, vacation, or the holidays? Try this easy detox that only last 5 days, AND you get to eat lots of healthy food that will detox your body along with relaxing and antioxidant-rich green tea. Submit the form below to receive all of the materials you need to get started!

5 Foods to Eat NOW to Lose Weight

Super simple recipe for a smoothie that will help you shed pounds! Grab yours by submitting the form below!

Healthy Tips for Eating Out

How many times have you eaten out and regretted it almost immediately? This handy eBook will give you some great tips for eating on-the-go or eating out that will keep your healthy lifestyle on track! Fill out the form and it will come to your email immediately!

One Week Fat Burning Meal Plan

Want to get rid of stubborn belly fat or jump start a new healthy lifestyle? Try this one week meal plan to get started! Submit the form and you are on your way!

Hot Flash Tip Guide

Having trouble with hot flashes at all times of the day and night? This tip guide has 5 simple steps that can get you on the way to cooler temperatures! Get your free copy by submitting this form!

Nutrition 101: The Basics

Want to know more about healthy eating, but don’t know where to start? This easy to read guide will give you the basics of living a healthier lifestyle through good nutrition. Get yours now!

Nutrition Labels: What You NEED to Know

Lost when it comes to nutrition labels? You are not alone! Learn what to look for, and what to stay AWAY from, on package labeling of your favorite products. Submit this form and it is on the way!

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