Please join me for my NEW internet television show on the brand new Women’s Broadcast Television Network (WBTVN), “Fit & Healthy After 50 With Doneane.”

I am SO excited about this opportunity to reach even MORE women, just like you, who are interested in natural, hormone-free, and non medical ways to deal with hormone and menopausal symptoms.

My show will bring topics of interest to women about health, fitness, nutrition, natural hormone balancing, and all sorts of other interesting topics in each episode which will give you the tools you need to  live a healthy and balanced life well into your future.

For a sneak peak, here is Episode 1: Getting to Know Doneane

Please visit the website for my show and add it to your favorites! You will be so excited at the line up of great hosts and shows. Even some “big names” you might recognize! And don’t worry, if you cannot make a live show the replay will be posted after each live broadcast.

Access the show here: http://wbtvn.tv/host/doneane-beckcom/

You can also access the show via our free app, “Women on TV,” which is available in the app store for both iPhone and Android users.


I hope you will join me for Fit & Healthy After 50, with Doneane. And SHARE this info with your friends! The more the merrier, always!

Fit & Healthy after 50 with Doneane Banner

Health & Happiness,

~ Doneane